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Terms and Conditions

The Customer must be at least eighteen (18) years of age in order to conduct a transaction. In addition the customer must be the actual owner of any and all property sold to Bowjangles (Midlands) Ltd, or have permission to sell the item/items on behalf of the owner.

All valuations before the metals are received, are subject to the gold being weighed and tested by us.
Valuations given after receipt of your metals may be revoked untill accepted by the applicant.
Items may become tarnished where testing takes place. Such tarnishing is however superficial and can usually be polished out.
In some rare circumstances, it may be necessary to file a very small sample of metal from the item. We will do our best to ensure that this is done on an area of the item that is not visible.
We recommend you use a postal method that uses sufficient insurance such as Royal Mail Special Delivery (Defaults to £500 insurance) for items upto £2500, a special courier may be needed to insure larger amounts.
Bowjangles (Midlands) will not be held liable for any loss or damage to items whilst in transit to us. Please therefore ensure that you select the most appropriate postal method for your items and that it is adequately insured and packaged.

We strive to work with our Banks and Hmrc to establish trading practices that offer the greatest protection to ourselves and the wider community for the abuse of money laundering and invest to put measures in place.

Gold Transaction require id for every transaction.

Jewelers selling gold to us must must provide trading details and register for trade.

Currency Transactions

under £1000 name and address requested.

over £1000 Id required.

Over £2500 request for proof of fund may be required with also id and proof of address.

ID acceptable is Government issued work id. Passport Driving Licence.

We aim to provide the highest possible price for gold and we buy with certified scales , all metals Bowjangles purchased has to be melted and all gold weight we receive after melting will experience weight loss, hollow Gold for example will hold hair skin perfume residue for instance. When we analyse you're metals to give a price we have to assess the necessary weight loss that we expect to incur and base our prices upon this opinion.

Also non precious stones will have an estimated weight taken from the gold weight as these are not gold.

If Gold is not hallmarked we will value the metal in our opinion.

All price we offer are based upon our opinion to what the melted value of the metal will be.

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Sandwell Trusted Trader Scheme.

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